Life App for 1/7/17 to 1/13/17  

A way to live a mission at work (paid or volunteer):
To correct a wrong at work is both right and costly.

Based on Matthew 3:13-17

A way to live on mission at work (paid or volunteer), based on Matthew 2:13-17, a reading from The Revised Common Lectionary for the Baptism of Christ and the First Sunday of Epiphany, 1/8/17.  Jesus responds to the work of John the Baptist and comes to be baptized by him.  John believes Jesus should baptize him. (John sees Jesus as the one whose coming he has foretold).  Jesus answers that he wants to connect himself with John’s call to right living.  When Jesus is baptized, he sees the Spirit of God descending like a dove alighting on him.  The voice speaks:  “. . . my Son, the beloved” from Psalm 2:7; “. . . with whom I am well pleased from Isaiah 42:1.  The saying includes both Jesus’ unique role as God’s Son and his role as the suffering servant.

A theme:  To be part of God’s work means paying a price for doing so.