Life App for 2/12/16 to 2/18/16

A way to live in you leisure or playtime:

Our playtime brings its own temptations.  We can win at sports by cheating or drug use.  We can trick others so that we win board games.  We can trust our luck to win at gambling.

Based on Luke 4:1-13

[A way to recognize temptations as suggested by the reading in many churches for the First Sunday in Lent from the revised Common Lectionary for 2/7/16.  Jesus is tempted by the devil to choose unfaithful ways to carry out his ministry.  The first is to misuse his power to coerce faith.  The second it to misuse his power to work wonders and to heal.  The third is to force God to work wonders.

Temptations arise even in our leisure or playtime.]