Life App for 2/19/16 to 2/25/16

A way to be spiritually healthy:

Two ways to discern reliable guides to spiritual health are: a true guide knows you are not perfect but will do the best you can; and a true guide encourages, not discourages you.

Based on Luke 13: 31-35

[A way to live as suggested by the reading for many churches for The Second Sunday in Lent from the Revised Common Lectionary for 2/21/16.  Jesus senses the Pharisees have been sent by Herod as a trick to get Jesus out of his kingdom.  Jesus says he will not leave until he has completed his work there.  Then, God seems to be the speaker lamenting that the people of Jerusalem have not responded to Jesus.  Not until the people are ready to welcome God’s help in Jesus will they see and understand God.

Being tricked or manipulated by others happens to us today.]