Life App for 2/25/16 to 3/31/16

Living in the Wider World of crowds, customs, and systems:

When the unexpected happens, pay close attention.  Move step by step.  Trust questions will be answered in time.  You may even see where you believe God might be at work in the unexpected and join in.

Based on John 20:1-18

[Living in the Wider World of crowds, customs, and systems by a reading for many churches for Easter Sunday 3/27/16.  Before dawn, Mary Magdalene came to Jesus’ tomb and found the stone, closing it, moved away.  She ran to Peter and a beloved disciple saying that Jesus’ body had been taken away and laid in some place unknown.  The two ran to the tomb and found only the wrappings that had covered Jesus’ body.  Not understanding what had happened, they went home.  Mary stayed and wept as she entered the tomb.  She found two angels sitting where Jesus had been laid.  She told them her fears that others had taken his body.  Then she turned around and Jesus was there but she thought he was the gardener.  She asked if he knew where she could find him.  When he called her by name, she recognized  him.  Jesus told her not to hold him for he had more to do.  Mary finds the disciples and tells them what has happened.

Mary and the disciples meet the unexpected!]