Life App for 2/26/16 to 3/3/16

A way for churches to live:

Open your church to the suffering of people around it.  You will discover strengths you never knew you had.  And, most important, the people served will find healing and wholeness.

Based on Luke 13:1-9

[A way to live was suggested by a reading for many churches for the Third Sunday in Lent from the Revised Common Lectionary for 2/28/16.  Jesus continues teaching about Israel’s need to change its self-serving ways.  Those killed by the accident of a tower falling on them had no special guilt.  The event is a sign of the disaster to come if Israel does not repent.  The nation is getting, one last chance like the unfruitful fig tree.

When a person does change form self-serving ways, healing and new life flow.]