Life App for 2/5/16 to 2/11/16

A way to live in the wider world:

Be as well informed as you can about public issues  by reading the newspaper or reading the news on the internet.  Exchange and test news with anyone including people whose thoughts differ from yours.  Change your views as needed and do not believe you are absolutely correct.

Based on Isaiah 6:1-13

[A way to live your mission field in the wider world suggested by Isaiah 6:1-13.  Isaiah’s vision of God reminds him of his and all of the nation’s  unjust and uncaring ways.  A coal touches his lips and clears him from guilt.  God has a harsh message of demands for change for the people.  Isaiah volunteers to carry it.  The people will reject it the more they hear it.  The future of the people is bleak.  A faithful remnant  survive. 

There were many conflicting opinions among the people of Isaiah’s time.  Today is pretty much the same.]