Life App for 3/11/16 to 3/17/16

A way to live in community:

Where to center its activity is a decision for every community.  Ask what are the most pressing needs of the present moment.

Based on John 12:1-8

[A way to live in community suggested by a reading for many churches for the Fifth Sunday of Lent for 3/13/16.  His last week alive Jesus dines at Martha and Mary’s with Lazarus.  Mary wipes Jesus’ feet with a costly perfume.  Judas objects that the money for the perfume should have gone to the poor.  Jesus says, “Let it be.”  She can keep it for his burial .  Jesus should be the center of attention now because his time is near.

Assess the present needs of your communities before you act.  Question and listen with great care.  As you chose and set about what to do, be ready to change as needed.]