Life App for 3/18/16 to 3/24/16

A way to carry on your daily work:

All work has meaning.  Workers seek to describe how their work fits into the whole of life.  Think and pray with care as you seek to describe the place of your work in the life of the world.  Your work load will probably lighten.

Based on Luke 22:14-23

[A way to carry on you daily work suggested by a reading for many churches for Palm Sunday 3/20/16.  Believing his end is near, Jesus chooses the Passover supper for his last meal with the twelve.  To the usual blessings of the bread and wine, he adds, “This is my body” and “This . . . is the new covenant in my blood.”  Also Jesus senses that one of his disciples will betray him.

Jesus interprets the work of his life and coming death.  Like Jesus, workers want to explain their work and its meaning.]