Life App for 3/25/17 to 3/31/17

A way to live a mission in your church and its outreach:

What looks good and that you believe is God’s work, do not doubt but believe that is really is God’s work and act on it.  To doubt and to question are not wrong but they can be overdone and lead you to miss what is real.

Based on John 9:1-41

A way to live a mission in your church and its outreach based on John 9:1-41, a reading from the Revised Common Lectionary for the Fourth Sunday in Lent, 3/26/17.   Jesus meets a man blind from birth.  His disciples think the sins of the man or his parents caused the blindness.  Jesus says, “No, his blindness is for God to heal him.”  Jesus spits on some earth, makes a paste, puts it on the man’s eyes, and tells the man to wash it off in the pool of Siloam.  The man does so and returns able to see.  Whether or not he was really cured is debated by the crowd.  The man insists he was blind and that Jesus healed him.  The man is taken to the Pharisees.  They complain that Jesus should not have done it on the Sabbath.  Others are simply amazed.  They ask the man what he says about Jesus.  He answers Jesus in a prophet.  The leaders do not believe and check with the parents that this is their son who was blind.  The leaders question the man again.  The man insists Jesus healed him and nothing like this has ever happened before.  The leaders say the man is still in his sins and put him out of the synagogue.  When Jesus hears the man has been expelled; he finds him.  Talking with the man, Jesus says that he, Jesus, is the Son of Man.  The man says, “Lord, I believe.”  Jesus says that he has come so the blind can see and those who see might become blind.  Some leaders ask, “Are we blind?”  Jesus answers saying that in effect, they are wrong.

A theme:  Believe what you see that is good and God’s work; beware doubting what God’s work is.