Life App for 4/1/16 to 4/7/16

A way to live your leisure time can fit your life’s goals:

Use free and unencumbered time to reflect of the issues and events on which you usually do not have enough time to reflect.  Sort out your basic values and how they connect with all the areas of your life.

Based on John 20:19-31

[A way to live your leisure time can fit your life’s goals this week suggested by a reading for many churches for The Second Sunday of Easter for 4/3/16.  The disciples are hiding lest they to be arrested.  Jesus appears bringing his peace and assuring them of his power, the Holy Spirit.  Thomas missed Jesus’ appearance and insists he must put his hands in the wounds to believe Jesus has risen.  A week later, Jesus appears and invites Thomas to put his hand in.  Thomas does not touch the wounds.  Rather, he says, “My Lord and my God.” John, the writer of the gospel, concludes saying what he has written is written to enable others to believe Jesus is the Messiah.

The disciples receive the help they need to carry on Jesus’s work and find fullness of life.]