Life App for 4/22/16 to 4/28/16

A way to live at home:

The views and convictions of families and of  individual family members are often challenged.  To change can be courageous, not weak.

Base on Acts 11:1-18

[A way to live at home suggested by a reading for many churches for The Fifth Sunday of Easter for 4/24/16.  The apostles hear that Gentiles have accepted the work of God.  When Peter comes, they criticize him for eating with uncircumcised men.  In answer, Peter tells of a vision.  He saw a large sheet lowered from heaven and filled with all kinds of animals for food.  When told to eat, Peter refuses because it is profane (that is not blessed by rabbis).  The voice answers that what God has made, is not profane.  This happens three times.  When asked to visit Gentiles is Caesarea, the Spirit tells Peter to go.  Once there, he tells of his vision.  The Spirit comes to his bearers as he speaks.  For Peter, they are being baptized when the Spirit comes just as John the Baptist had foretold.  All for them praise God for giving “to the Gentiles the repentance that leads to life.” 

Our cherished views and convictions are often challenged.  Can we accept the challenge?]