Life App for 5/20/16 to 5/26/16

A way to live in our leisure and free time:

Our minds are working all the time — even in leisure or play time.  In these times, listen with care for the Spirit may be teaching you many things.

Based on John 16:12-15

[A way to live our leisure or play time suggested by a reading from the Revised Common Lectionary for many churches for Trinity Sunday, 5/22/16.  The twelve are at the Last Supper with Jesus.  While Jesus foresees his arrest, trail and death, he knows they cannot bear these events and their meaning.  In time, the Spirit will come and guide them into understanding Jesus and his life and death.  They can trust what the Spirit will teach them because the teaching comes from the Father.

Understanding the meaning of events comes slowly and is a gift when it comes.]