Life App for 5/20/17 to 5/26/17

A way to live a mission at work (paid or volunteer):
You do not work alone; both Jesus and the Spirit are with you.

Based on John 14:15-21

A way to live a mission at work (paid or volunteer) based on John 14:15-21, a reading from the Revised Common Lectionary for the Sixth Sunday of Easter, 5/21/17.  The setting is Jesus’ last time with the twelve.  Jesus promises they will receive another advocate [defender or champion], the Spirit of truth [the Holy Spirit] who abides with them.  He goes on to promise he will return; they will not be orphaned [left alone].  Because he will live, they will live also.  Those who keep his commandments love him; he will love them and reveal himself to them.

A theme:  You are not alone; both the Spirit and Jesus are with you.