Life App for 5/27/16 to 6/2/16

A way to live in your mission at church:

If you are a leader, beware assuming you are always right.  Listen and learn from feedback.  If you are not a leader, try to be candid when asked for your critique of a leader or an event.

Based on Luke 7:1-10

[A way to live your mission at church suggested by a reading from the Revised Common Lectionary for many churches for The Second Sunday after Pentecost, 5/29/16.  A centurion, a Roman army officer, has sent some Jewish elders to ask Jesus to come to heal his favorite, but very sick, slave.  The elders advise Jesus to go because the centurion has been very kind to the Jews and has even built a synagogue for them.  Jesus goes.  When the centurion hears Jesus is coming, he sends friends to say for him, ” Don’t come.  I know what it is to have authority to order people around and I see that you have authority too; so I know that all you have to do is say the word to heal my servant.”  Jesus was amazed and told the crowd he had not found such faith even in Israel.  When the friends get back to the centurion’s home, they find the slave has been cured.

Be humble when you have authority over others.]