Life App for 5/6/17 to 5/12/17

A way to live a mission in your church and its outreach:
Follow the church leaders who care for the members and lead them into better ways of living.

Based on John 10:1-10

A way to live a mission in your church and its outreach based on John 10:1-10, a reading from the Revised Common Lectionary for the Fourth Sunday of Easter, 5/6/17.  The thief and bandit find a way into the sheepfold other than the gate.  The shepherd comes in by the gate; calls his own sheep by name and leads them out.  They follow him because they know his voice.  They run away from the stranger whose voice is unknown.  The disciples do not understand his figure of speech or analogy.  Jesus says, “I am the gate.”  The sheep do not listen to the thieves and bandits.  Anyone who enters by Jesus will be saved (kept safe or unharmed) and will come in and go out with him and find pasture.  The thief comes only to steal, kill and destroy.  Jesus comes to give life and give it abundantly.

A theme:  Follow Jesus the shepherd who gives life; do not follow the thief and bandit who come to destroy.