Life App for 6/10/17 to 6/16/17

A way to live a mission in your leisure or playtime:
In your leisure, play fair with both others and yourself.

Based on Matthew 28:16-20

A way to live a mission in your leisure or playtime based on Matthew 28:16-20, a reading from the Revised Common Lectionary for the First Sunday after Pentecost, 6/11/17.  Matthew ends his appearance with what many call the “Great Commission.”  The twelve come to the mountain Jesus requested.  Note that not all believe that he appears.  Galilee is suggested by Mark 14:28 and 16:7.  Galilee is a symbol of the gentle world; probably because many people are Gentiles.  As for “go into all the world” recall the reluctance of the disciples to preach to Gentiles (Acts 11:1-26).  Jesus taught, preached, and healed.  For Matthew, perhaps, teaching was the most important function of the three.  Jesus gives commands just as Moses gave commands.   “I am with you always,” echoes Matthew 1:23 and 18:20.  [John Stott, a strong Evangelical, liked John 20:21-22 as the “great commission” because it is less programmatic and more relational.]

A theme:  Jesus continues to work with and through us.