Life App for the Ninth Sunday after Pentecost, 7/22/18 to 7/28/18

[The writer is away but will return next week.  Write your own life; hints follow.]

Read Mark 6:30-34; 53-56 in your favorite translation or in the The Message by Eugene Peterson. 

Meditate, before and after you read, about your life app in this week’s mission field of the wider world (from living with current social norms; to coping with the impact of businesses and corporations; and to the impact of government on your life in the coming week). 

Let the Spirit guide you to some specific mission or word to live lovingly and justly in some part of life in the wider world.  Pray for help to do it. 

Do recall your action or word from last week.  How well did you do it with God’s help?  Or do you still need to do it?