Life App for the week of 11/26/17 to 12/2/17

A way to live a mission in your work;

Live a mission at work by caring for the needs of the workers, not for getting the most work out of them that we can.

Based on Matthew 25:31-46

A way to live a mission in your work based on Matthew 25:31-46, a reading from the Revised Common Lectionary for the Last Sunday after Pentecost, 11/26/17.

The nations are called before the Son of man, the risen Jesus as the king, to answer for how they have lived.  Some are at his right hand. Some are at his left hand.  Those on the right inherit the kingdom prepared for them. The king explains why. They fed the king when he was hungry, gave him drink when he was thirsty, welcomed him when a stranger, clothed him when naked, cared for him when sick, and visited him in prison.  These nations cannot recall doing these things for the king.  The king says whenever you did these things for the least of these who are my family, you did it for me.  Those on the left ask when did we not do these things for you.

The king answers when they did not do it for one of the least, they did not do it for him.  They will have eternal punishment, but its righteous who were on the king’s right will have eternal life.

A theme:  God judges us by how we care for people in need.