Life App for the week of 12/3/17 to 12/9/17

A way to live a mission in your community; 

In difficult times for your neighborhood, town, or city, know that better times will come so be ready to help them grow when they do. 

Based on Mark 13:24-37 

A way to live a mission in your community based on Mark 13:24-37, a reading from the Revised Common Lectionary for the First Sunday in Advent, 12/3/17. 

[The arrest, trial, crucifixion, burial, and resurrection of Jesus follow these verses.  Jesus looks ahead to the end of time when the Son of man comes in the midst of suffering to gather in the chosen, the elect.]  Jesus acknowledges the suffering and sees the Son of man coming in glory in the midst of it to gather in the chosen.  His contemporaries must watch for signs of a better day coming just as they can tell summer is coming when a fig tree sprouts leaves.  He proclaims that his teachings will endure.  However, no one knows the exact time the end will come so be prepared and keep awake.  It is like a man who goes on a journey and asks his servants to watch for his return.  They should be ready to receive him when he comes lest he returns and finds them asleep.

A theme:  After suffering, relief will come but no one knows when so be ready to receive it at any time.