Life App for the week of 12/31/17 to 1/6/17

A way to live a mission in your work;

Seek your work honestly (truthfully) and caringly (gracefully).

Based on John 1:1-18

A way to live a mission in your work based on John 1:1-8, a reading from the Revised Common Lectionary for the First Sunday after Christmas, 12/31/17.

[John 1:1-14 was discussed last week, Today’s gospel repeats John 1:1-14 and adds John 1:15-18.]  The word can be understood as God’s work to create all that is and, especially, to communicate with us.  Life came through the Word and was the light of all of us.  Darkness could not overcome this light.

God sent John the Baptist to affirm that the light [of Jesus] was from God so that all could believe through him.  John the Baptist was not the light, but came to introduce the light.

The true light [Jesus] was coming into the world.  The true light was in the world but the world did not recognize him.  But, to all who did receive him, he gave power to become God’s children, God’s own.  They became God’s children by God’s own work and not by anything they did.

[John 1:15-18]  John the Baptist emphasized that he, himself, was not the long expected true light.  From the true light [Jesus] all received unlimited love and help, grace upon grace.  Moses brought the commandments.   Freely given love and truth came through Jesus Christ [Christ means anointed one].  No one has ever seen God.  Only the Son, Jesus, who is close to the Father has made the Father known.

A theme:  Jesus is the one who has made the Father known to us.