Life App for the week of 8/9/15 to 8/15/15

There are lots of people in today’s world.  We are not sure just whom to trust.  Many are helpful, caring, snd fair.  When you meet such people, rejoice in them.  Sure, test that they are for real.  When you find they are for real, connect with them, trust them, and enjoy their company.
[A way to live John 6:35, 41-51 from the readings in many churches for 8/9/15, the Eleventh  Sunday after Pentecost.  Even though Jesus has just fed them, the crowd is not sure they can trust him.  They know his family and they are not very special.  Jesus says many have looked for someone like him.  He is the kind of person they are been looking for.  Let him lead and feed them and life will open up for them.]