Life App for the week of the Fifth Sunday in Lent, 3/18/18 to 3/24/18  

A way to live a mission in spiritual health:

Concerning whomever or whatever you pray for, be confident that God’s way of love and justice will overcome all that resists it.

Based on John 12:20-33

A way to live a mission in spiritual health based on John 12:20-33, a reading from the Revised Common Lectionary for the Fifth Sunday in Lent, 3/18/18.

Some Greeks (who, as proselytes, were preparing to enter the Jewish faith and, therefore, were allowed to enter part way into the Temple) came to Philip (who had a Greek name) and asked for an interview (“to see”) with Jesus.  With Andrew (also a Greek name), they tell Jesus the Greeks want to see him.  Jesus sees in the coming of the Greek proselytes, that he, the Son of Man, is being glorified, being given God’s approval.  Jesus reflects on his coming crucifixion as being like the seed that gives up being a seed in order to grow into being a fruit bearing plant.  The way to the life that Jesus brings comes through dying to one’s old life. Those who give up the ways of the world to follow Jesus will be honored and accepted by the Father.

Reflecting further on the coming of the Greeks, Jesus sees a sign of how all the world will come to him.  Believers will see in Jesus’ death the end of all the old ways in Israel’s faith and life that had become corrupted—“The ruler of this world will be driven out.”   A voice from heaven affirms what Jesus has said.  Jesus has been glorified in what he has done so far and will be glorified more by his death.  Being lifted up (nailed on the cross and then the cross raised upright), Jesus will draw everyone to himself and his new way of life that will be made known in his resurrection.  Believers hear the voice that affirms what Jesus has said.  Non-believers do not hear the voice.

A theme:  Jesus’ death and resurrection mean the end of the power of all the old ways (the ways of Satan are the symbol for all that is heartless and unjust) and the victory of Jesus’ way of love and justice, the ultimate victory of God’s love and justice.