Life App for Trinity Sunday, 5/27/18 to 6/2/18

A way to live a mission in your community:
In your community, accept changes that work toward making community life more caring and fair. 

Life App for Trinity Sunday, 5/27/18 

Based on John 3:1-17 (see retelling below); a reading that comes from the Revised Common Lectionary for Trinity Sunday, 5/27/18. 

[Nicodemus is a serious inquirer who belongs to the Sanhedrin (the supreme court of the Jews), the central power group in Israel.  He develops into a follower of Jesus.  In John 7:50, he reminds the Sanhedrin that Jesus should get a fair trial.  In John 19:39, he assists in burying Jesus.] Nicodemus comes by night so that the rest of the Sanhedrin [the “leaders of Jews”] not rebuke him for doing so; “by night” also suggests leaving the dark realm of evil, untruth and ignorance for the light of goodness and truth.  Nicodemus praises Jesus as a teacher sent from God.  Jesus answers that no one can see the Kingdom of God without being born [begotten is also possible] from above [by God].  Nicodemus responds by asking how can anyone go back into the womb and be born?  Jesus answers no one can enter the kingdom of God without being born of water [baptism] and Spirit [the Spirit is central for John].

Jesus goes on.  Nicodemus should not be amazed at being born from above.  It is the Spirit’s work and you cannot control the Spirit anymore that you can control the wind.  Nicodemus says, “How can these things be?”  Jesus comments, “You are a teacher in Israel and yet you do not understand these things.”

Jesus goes on to say that we know what we have seen and still they do not accept what we say.  He has come down from heaven to teach and his crucifixion is being lifted up as Moses lifted up the serpent.  [The Israelites were beset by poisonous snakes as they wandered in the wilderness after crossing the Red Sea.  Moses put up a post with a snake on it.  Whoever looked at it would survive being bitten.]  All who believe in Jesus will be saved [here to have eternal life may be the meaning of being saved].

John, the writer, comments:  “For God so loved the world that he gave his only Son, so that everyone who believes in him [everyone who believes that God was at work in him] may not perish but may have eternal life.”

A theme:  To follow Jesus is to come into a new way of life – a way rooted in God and God’s love and justice.