Life App for week of 8/12/17 to 8/18/17  

A way to live a mission in your work (paid, not paid, or volunteer)
When work has its troubling or dangerous moments, have faith that God is at work to help you to endure.

 Based on Matthew 14:22-33

 A way to live a mission in your work (paid, not paid, or volunteer) based on Matthew 14:22-33, a reading from the Revised Common Lectionary for the Tenth Sunday after Pentecost, 8/13/17.

At Jesus’ direction, the disciples travel by boat to the other side of the lake.  Jesus then sends the crowds away and goes up a mountain to pray.  Out on the lake, a storm rages and the disciples fear for their lives.  They see a figure walking on the water and fear it is a ghost.  Jesus reassures them it is he, himself.  Peter asks Jesus to command him to walk to him on the water.  Jesus says, “Come,” but as Peter tries to come, he is frightened by the wind and begins to sink in the water.  Jesus saves him by reaching out his hand and catching him.  Jesus rebukes Peter for doubting that he would be safe.  When Jesus and Peter get in the boat, the wind ceases, and those in the boat say, “Truly, you are the Son of God.”  [Some explain the incident saying, “on the water” could mean “on the shore” and go on to interpret the story that way.  Most interpreters take the story as reassuring Jesus’ followers that he will help them in troubled times—in persecution or worse.]

A theme:  God will help us in troubled times.