Life Apps for 9/30/16 to 10/6/16

A way to live at home and with friends:

Work for a loving, empowering home even though it is hard to do.  As much as you succeed, do not brag; just give thanks to God for being able to do so.

Based on Luke 17:5-10

[A way to live at home and with friends based on a reading from The Revised Common Lectionary for the Twentieth Sunday after Pentecost, 10/2/16.  The twelve disciples ask Jesus to increase their faith.  Jesus answers that they should take impossibilities in their stride.  For example, even though a tree has deep roots in the ground, in faith, they could say, “Be uprooted and planted in the sea;” and it would do so.  He goes on to say you do not build up merit or points with God.  Like a slave, you should do what you are told to do without being thanked for doing what is expected of you.

 A theme:  Don’t worry about what looks impossible to do.  Also do what God asks without expecting to win God’s special favor.]