Life Apps for 9/6/15 to 9/12/15

There is much sickness in the world.  When healing is available, we help the sick to receive it.  Be realistic about what can be done, but still try.  Most of all, seek help when you are sick.

[A way to live Mark 7:24-37 from the reading in many churches for 9/6/15, the Fifteenth Sunday after Pentecost.  Jesus goes to a non-Jewish area.  He can not stop people coming for healing.  A non-Jewish woman brings her daughter who has a demon.  Jesus puts her off but she insists that non-Jewish people can receive his help, too.  He heals the daughter.  Travelling on, Jesus heals a man both deaf and mute.  Jesus asked others to keep from spreading word of his healing.  Still the word gets out and wonder about him grows.]