Week of 9/28/14 to 10/4/14

How we’re living:

Self-reliance has to be relearned almost every day. When our lives are not going well, it is easy to blame others or social conditions. We may hear “tighten your belt” or “suck it up” from others. They are reminding us to be draw again on our own skills and wisdom and strength to endure. The Spirit works through us.
[Suggested by Exodus 17:1-7]

What we’re reading

Home — “Marital bliss, one decision after another” by Tara Parker-Pope – couples that make decisions about their relationship are happier at http://bit.ly/1wXyrud

Citizenship/Wider world — “The Rich Get Richer” by Julie Polter in Sojourners magazine for 8/14 – the cost of economic inequality at http://bit.ly/1vB8I9k