Member Mission Book Blurb

When the Members are the Missionaries

This book (232 pages) extends the popular notion of “mission” to congregation members as they bring love and justice in deed and word to each of their daily arenas – with God’s help.

Move congregations from maintenance to mission with fifteen stories of ordinary Christians doing extraordinary things at home, at work, in their local community, the wider world, their leisure, their spiritual health, as well as their part in their church’s life and its outreach; and ways for congregations to organize around supporting the daily living of their members as their primary purpose.

  • Part One describes stories of fifteen ordinary people living one of their daily missions.
  • Part Two describes ways for congregations to organize and congregational leaders to help their members to bring their daily missions into their lives.
    • Guidance is offered to help congregational leaders incorporate daily missions into their congregation, supporting their members in their daily living as Christians.
    • Congregations adopting this vision understand that they “live into it” step by step, year by year rather than by simply adopting it at a vestry meeting.

$19.95 per copy plus $4.00 shipping and handling (add $1.00 for each additional copy).
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Also available on and in select bookstores – ISBN 0971755205.