Member Mission News #118

Cindy Balances Justice and Mercy at Work (2:35 min. video)

Wayne talks with Cindy S. about a work mission

A Hot Resource

“The Great American Water Crisis” – groups are trying to buy up our water supply and sell it back to us at a premium; why it matters and how consumer groups and faith communities are fighting back in Akron, OH, Milwaukee, WI, and Trenton, NJ.  Print it out from; give it out, and base your next discussion group on it.  A biblical reference: “The Lord God took the man and put him in the garden of Eden to till it and keep it” (Genesis 2:15).

A Hint for Leaders

How will you introduce members to being on mission 24/7/365?

Include in sermons and teachings a way to live the main point of your sermon or teaching this week.

A Mission in the Wider World (a video)

Cindy G. briefs Kenyan mothers on childbirth – fast-forward to the segment you want to watch:

1.  0:00-2:56 – a nurse and mother, she runs a home for the physically disabled in response to sensing that God wanted it done
2.  2:26-3:22 – her mission for 10 days with Kenyan women
3.  3:22-4:44 – sharing what actually happens in their bodies during labor and delivery
4.  4:44-6:27 – how they worked to build ownership and helping tribes to work together
5.  6:27-8:37 – her prayer for help to do it; the mothers’ response and what the work did for her
6.  8:37-10:16 – her learnings; they need our time more than our cash.

A Key Issue

How to see God at work in a mission field

On the worksheets to discover your daily missions, help users to answer #1 with some reference to God / Jesus / the Spirit.  Being specific comes before accurate theology; and do avoid a wholly secular answer.  Here are some hints for seeing what God is doing in any one of our daily mission fields:

  • Where do you see love and justice at work or where do you see they are needed or are weak?
  • What really needs to be fixed or changed?
  • What are others saying to you that sticks in your mind?
  • What is happening around you?
  • What do you sense that you want to do or should be doing?

A Resource for Advent or Epiphany

Four steps for “Building Stronger Ambassadors.”

A Slide Talk

“How to see yourself on mission” – mission and missionary as good words and how to be on mission 24/7/365 (slides and comments); Common Ground Covenant Church, Boise, ID

For Meditation – Reflect on this poor community

[Adapted from Cecil Williamson’s comments on Sawyerville, AL which is near to her home]

“. . . not any fault of their own that they are not properly educated; that they are in a poverty-stricken area in a rural community; totally isolated; but they are genuine and very appreciative of any help offered. . . really want to better their situation, but it is extremely difficult. . . When you are not educated and there are no jobs . . . traveling fifty miles to work just to get a job . . . with gas prices today . . . one day FEMA came to Sawyerville [several tornados had ripped through in 2011] . . . forty houses totally destroyed . . . forty-seven houses that had lost their roofs. . . six little children had died, all in one nuclear family . . . FEMA only stayed one day. . . not from eight to five but ten to four. . . never came back. . .  that left for us who really cared . . . to offer what we could. They never asked for anything. . . they would say, “We can’t take that, but we know Suzy up the street needs it” . . . If  they couldn’t use it, they wouldn’t keep it. . . that’s the kind of the community it is. They don’t have a very many options to get out of the situation that they are in – even for their children to get out.”

Building for the Future

Whom can you recommend for us to meet and begin to interest in member mission and consider a substantial gift of $5-10,000?  Let us know at or 802-482-7743.

Final Thoughts

Christmas can stress.  Be caring and fair to others – and to yourself!

A mystic’s comforting sense of God’s presence:“You would not be looking for me if I had not first found you.”

“Pearls” of the month

Robert Waisman was arrested by the Nazis at age 8; lost his parents and five siblings to the Holocaust; forced to work in munitions, then at Buchenwald; liberated at age 14; rehabilitation in France was not working for him and others until asked by a Sorbonne professor: “If your parents were alive and standing where I am standing right now, what do you think you would want to do?”

At that point Waisman says, “We started to put our anger and sorrow aside and began to catch up on our schooling.”  Waisman is now a businessman and philanthropist.

If you get an idea, you are responsible to do it.

– Adapted from Erik Erikson

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