Member mission teaching improves a marriage

Raymond to [her Tanzanian trainer] thank you so much for
offering member mission teachings to us. You know what . .
. It really. . . really. . . really taught me and changed the way
I think when it comes to understanding mission especially in
the HOME field.

This is what I can say and testify, Raymond . . . My
marriage life is improving because now I know Mission
starts at home; that means member mission helped me to
rebuild my marriage which was full of fighting and
disagreement with my husband!! After the training you
gave us and reading the workbook on our own, we learned a
lot and it is being helpful to our future marriage!! The Member Mission workbook is now part of our reference in
anything we are learning and doing in our family! I have learned a lot about decision making . . . It’s awesome and
very helpful to me especially on how to make a Christian decision!!

I was always stirred up when I disagreed on things with my husband but now I have learned to quiet down and allow
for love and justice when I’m wrong!!

Now all my misconceptions about how to be superior toward my husband are gone. Thank you for the teachings and
have a blessing from me.

Asante [Thank you],