Daily Mission in Spiritual Health

Activity 2:  Worksheet 6 for discerning my daily missions:
Spiritual Health (a current mission or one I will begin)

Discernment Questions

1. What has God been doing or telling me about my own spiritual health (my inner life with God and, so, any activity to meet my own spiritual needs)?   What message am I getting about it?  Try beginning with: I believe God is . . . .


2. As I think about God’s message, what is my vision or goal for what I want for my spiritual health?


3. What am I doing right now to make this vision or goal a reality?


4. What do I still need to do?  Begin with thinking of where you need to bring or to increase caring or love, fairness or justice; and working with your gifts, limitations, and convictions.


5. What specifically will I do or continue to do to make my vision or goal a reality and when will I do it?  Limit yourself to just one action.  This is or will be your mission for your spiritual health.


6.  Who can work with me to carry out this mission?  How will I describe the mission to interest him or her?  Answer with the person’s name and words you might actually use.


7. When the time is right and with permission, how can I explain how what we are doing is or can be part of God’s mission?  Answer with words you might actually use.


8.  When the time is right and with permission, how could I encourage my teammate to turn to the church for help and support?  Begin with how the church helps you; that may give you an idea of what to suggest for how it might help him or her.    Answer with words you might actually use.