On mission on the road to Emmaus

[This is a sample of a schedule for a team working to implement Member Mission principles into their daily lives. It is from a church group supporting each other.]

Hi Trinity Member Mission Team,

Our mission, as part of the Trinity Member Mission team, is to inspire others to find ways to put their faith into practice in all aspects of their daily lives.  This Spring we are going to put a small half page blurb on each of the mission fields into the bulletin on consecutive weeks.  We had a very productive meeting today.  We looked at the Gospel reading for each week to match the mission fields with the readings.  The readings in this Easter season are very rich and inspiring.

We are each going to write the blurb for a particular mission field. Below is a list of dates, readings, and responsibilities:

  • April 19th–Church life
    Luke 24:36-48 Scripture/Meal together/Hospitality
    Ann or Kathi or Penny — Due April 14th
  • April 26th–Community
    John 10:1-19  Good Shepherd/Christ presence/Love and Care/Take along others not of this flock
    Sally — Due April 21st
  • May  3rd–Work
    John 15:1-8 
    I am the True Vine/Doing Mission/Bearing Fruit
    Bob — Due April 28th
  • May 10th–Home
    John 15:9-17  Standing up/Love one another
    Kathi or Penny — Due May 5th
  • May 17th–Leisure
    John 17:6-19  Praying/keep from evil
    Jan — Due May 12th
  • May 24th–Church Spirituality
    John 15:26-27 & 16:4b-15 
    Pentecost/Bear witness/Helper/Spirit
    Wayne?  — Due May 19th
  • May 31st–Wider World
    John 3:1-17 
    Born of The Spirit/Belief/Being saved through Jesus/Oneness with Father and Son
    Jocelyne — Due May 26th