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When the Members are the Missionaries: An Extraordinary Calling for Ordinary People

by A. Wayne Schwab

Fifteen stories of ordinary people living their one of their daily missions open the book. Then come unique innovations for congregations to organize themselves to help their members to live their daily missions this way. Congregations take as their primary purpose or vision supporting their members in their daily living as Christians. The delivery point of all congregational activity becomes how the members live in their daily arenas. All communications make clear that becoming a member means becoming a missionary in each part of daily life. Congregations adopting this vision understand that they live into it step by step, year by year rather than by simply adopting it at a vestry meeting. (232 pp.)


livinggospelLiving the Gospel: A Workbook for Individuals and Small Groups

by A. Wayne Schwab and Elisabeth S. Hall

This workbook implements the recommendations of  When the Members are the Missionaries and offers ways to enable members to discern each of their present daily missions and to find a teammate to help them to carry out each mission. This is the only existing resource helping members to discern how to join God’s work in each area of daily life. Use it for groups of 5-100 to introduce them to ways to serve God in each area — home, work, the local community, the wider world, leisure, spiritual health, and the life of their church. In many ways, the individual members are the church’s most effective missionaries in today’s world as they work to make life more loving and more just in each of these areas. Their works of love and justice provide the best setting to share the words, the story, of God’s continuing work among us in Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. Thus evangelism is put inside of mission where it belongs.

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