Jim: Prisoners learn English

Prisoners learn English.

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(a 6:02 min. video)
[Jim, an ex-ferry boat owner, has taught English as a second language for 13 years at the Incarceration Facility in Mineville, NY. Run like a boot-camp, qualified prisoners serve six months and, if satisfactory, are paroled. His students are usually under 25, come with all levels of education, and are weak in English – so weak they cannot reach the seventh grade level required to take the GED course for a high school diploma. Some are single, some are married. All have a fever to improve their English. Jim improvises his Spanish as he goes along.]
00:00 – Jim and details about the class
01:30 – What the course does for them
02:25 – How Jim sees God at work here
03:17 – How telling the story helps Jim
04:21 – What the story might do for viewers
05:00 – They have the lowest recidivism rate
05:54 – Thanks, Jim