Rebecca’s 1,500 mile bike trip

Following the Atlantic Coast Cycling Route one October, Rebecca, a nurse on leave, fulfilled a dream of ten years in five weeks. As she hiked the 2,170 mile Appalachian Trail in 2003, she noticed the fun of the cyclists on the roads below and her dream began to form. Her 26-speed bike hauled a 2-wheel trailer with 35 lbs. of equipment for camping along the way. Breakfast and lunch were snacks. She cooked dinner at her nightly campsites. Only tornado warnings put her into motels.  The route through Amish country in Pennsylvania was her favorite.

Where was God?

“It was a spiritual awakening I had not expected! I sensed God’s presence every day. There were magic-like moments: finding strength to go on when I tried; finding places to camp; talking with friendly people at rest stops; being given money for dinner twice.”

How did God help?

“Every day was new.   When I stopped for rest, I found I was in touch with my spiritual self.  I was in a monologue of prayer all day long which changed my life.