Resource: Sexuality Unit for 9th-Graders

By The Rev. A. Wayne Schwab

A four-week unit on sexuality to mixed groups of 9th graders is offered by the Champlain Valley High School, Hinesburg, VT.  Its goals, which all should reach by the end of the course, are for all students to have the following understandings:

  1. Teenagers are dealing with strong sexual urges and are bombarded with cultural messages about sex. Dealing with sexual desire is a central challenge of adolescence and necessitates an understanding of their reproductive system.

  2. Healthy relationships are best created by understanding your values, respecting the rights of your partner, and discussing these with open, assertive communication.

  3. I can protect myself from contracting sexually transmitted infections and unwanted pregnancy by making educated/healthy choices/decisions about abstinence, sexual activity, and contraception.

If your local high school does not offer such a course, google this outline for conversation with the board and administration.  Google: sexuality Unit for 9th-Graders.