Seasonal Life App for Epiphany, January 6 – March 5, 2019

Epiphany (appearance) season is part of the Christmas story and season. God appears in Jesus for all humanity to see.

A new star appears to guide three wise philosophers from other cultures and religions to worship the baby in the manger.

To worship is to give “supreme extravagant love” (Webster’s, 1934).

What are your “supreme extravagant” loves?

Things? Things get lost.
Power? Power weakens in time.
Skill? A new computer skill soon gives way to a newer skill.

“Supreme extravagant” acts of caring and being fair, of love and justice, are timeless and are gathered into God’s barn.

Work and pray for love and justice to flavor and guide all you do, say, and think every day of your life. Let your “supreme extravagant love” appear in your words and deeds.