Social justice parenting


Cover and picture from the July 2012 of Sojourners

From “Breaking the Bubble Wrap” by David M. Csinos and Brian D. McLaren: “We may be tempted to quarantine our children from the scary world out there—but it’s better to nurture an incurable, chronic, and healing passion for justice.”

From “Croon Her to Sleep with Freedom Songs” by Anne Marie Roderick; “The goal of social justice parenting is not to produce the ‘right’ kind of child—it is to create an environment in which love flourishes.”

From “On a Firm Foundation” by Elizabeth Palmberg: “Resources to help you raise happy and engaged kids.”

From “Gardeners of Youth” by Catherine Maresca: “Nurturing the life of children, from stage to stage (ages 0-6 and 6-12).