Stacey: A hair stylist and clients find common ground

A hair stylist and clients find common ground.

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(5:56 min.)
[Stacey, a cosmetologist in hair setting and cutting for over 30 years, works with celebrities, models, and musicians in the New York City area and around the world. She always finds common values to share with them.]
00:00 – 00:50 Introducing Stacey.
00:50 – 01:50 She values finding common ground with diverse people and seeing people enjoy the differences between each other.
01:50 – 04:37 Her clients: some are very spiritual and selfless in the superficial fashion industry; two are make-up artists and one is a photographer; they seek to be loving and non-judgmental; they are open to life’s changes; they look to see what the universe has for them; they see the bigger picture with strong belief that the universe will throw back to them what they put out there; they seek to be kind; when others are not kind to them, they assume they are in pain and they are forgiving; when things go wrong for them, they believe better things are out there so they wait.
04:37 – 05:54 – It’s easy to blame others and the difficulty in “getting out of your own way;” dealing with blaming yourself; and getting beyond blame to be open to the good around you.
05:54 – Thank you, Stacey.