Jesus Doll And Spiritual And Physical Health, The

jesus doll pic2.613Lucinda, a member of Trinity, took the Jesus doll home with her for a week. Here is her reflection on what it meant to her to have “Jesus at home” with her.  Trinity ́s pastor tells the children the Pentecost story

“On Tuesday, April 30th, I’m alone in the house about an hour after lunch. I am sitting on the sofa and begin to choke. I don’t mean cough a little; I mean choke. I tried to stop and couldn’t. I couldn’t catch my breath. I really struggled. I kept thinking my husband is going to come home and find me on the floor. Finally, I said, ‘Jesus, help me, help me.’ I began to calm down and breathe slowly. My choking stopped and everything became quiet.

‘Thank you, Jesus. I feel and believe that if you hadn’t helped me, I
wouldn’t be here today.’

The rest of the time Jesus was with me was fairly normal. However, I did find it very hard to explain to people why I had him with me. I realized that I am a very quiet person out in the public about my religion.

Perhaps sometime in the future, I will take him again and try to be more outspoken”