Mission Continues for Vets, The

The Mission Continues

A rapidly growing non-profit program which enlists veterans to serve their communities in over 37 states so far. Its founder, Eric Greitens, came up with the idea for starting “The Mission Continues.”  Visiting his injured comrades after his unit was hit by a truck bomb, he began asking “‘Tell me what you want to do when you recover; every single one of them said to me, I want to return to my unit.  A lot of them were not going to be able to return to their unit. I said tell me if you can’t go back to your unit right away, tell me what else you’d like to do. Every single one of them told me that they wanted to find a way to continue to serve.”  Started in 2007, over 500 have graduated as Fellows.  For more for discussion, go to Religion & Ethics Newsweekly and search for “The Mission Continues.”