Worksheet Sharpens Her Mission In Tanzania

Agnes was part of a workshop in early June, 2013 – as reported by the leader, Raymond Mulegi.

Agnes Chitala shared her calling in the Community mission field. Her vision is to empower the rehabilitation center which she initiated especially for children born with a disability. Agnes works with a non-profit organization but in her spare time she dedicates her time to visit disabled children.

She finds they are locked indoors due to a misconception of the community towards this group of people, especially parents. By using her time rightly she has managed to conserve her own time and use it to reunite parents and offer them self-education on how to treat these children with love and justice!

On a Wednesday, I continued receiving Agnes’ feedback via phone
about how she has shared the Member Mission training. It is now starting to penetrate her target groups. Now there’s a sense of change. Parents are starting to treat their disabled children in the right way instead of locking them indoor, to avoid being stigmatized by society.